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Vital Health Links' CCM (chronic care management) and RPM (remote patient monitoring) help complete clinician's patient care, not replace it. Our services are designed and led by doctors to enhance face-to-face visits, fill communication gaps, and provide patients with continued attention. You achieve sustainable growth, compliance, and enrollment, without compromising care or stretching workloads.

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What can dedicated chronic/remote patient care do for you?

Since 2016, Vital Health Links' dedicated CCM, clinically-trained care coordinators provide continuous patient education and responsiveness rooted in your doctors' directives and clinical methodology.

VHLs' doctor-led RPM helps clinicians benefit from continuous data anaylisis and responsive clinical support between face-to-face visits.

Your clinical decision-making,  without boundaries

At Vital Health Links, our physicians oversee thoughtful, non-face-to-face patient care designed to feel like an extension of your care. CCM and RPM care coordinators are dedicated to your patients—who benefit from genuine rapport, consistency in care, and responsiveness based on your clinical decision pathways.    

VHL Turn-Key Care Template

  • Unlock personnel, unfrastructure and technology without added cost

  • Customized integration with your workflows and dedicated to your patient panels

  • Dedicated care coordinators add consistancy and responsiveness between face-to-face visits

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