Patient care coordination that completes revenue, patient connection

If you're a healthcare provider examining Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient (Physiological) Monitoring companies in the year 2021, you should expect more than the strict definition of Medicare's care coordination duties.

Evaluating CCM & RPM [Guide]

Read what administrators, doctors, and patient care coordinators say about Vital Health Links' dedicated care coordination.

"A robust CCM program that ... created a vital, additional revenue stream"

As the Administrator/Chief Operations Officer of a large Health System, Mark experienced the benefits of growth, integrated care, and patient satisfaction that Vital Health Links dedicated care provides.

"In a short time, our partnership with Vital Health Links has resulted in a robust CCM program that has created a vital, additional revenue stream, and also positively impacted the health of our Medicare patient population. They have provided us with outstanding staff and have been great to work with."

About Patient Care Solutions


“VHL has facilitated and improved communication and care.”

Dr. David A. is a clinic physician who says his experience with VHL included seemless interaction and patient satisfaction.

"VHL has facilitated and improved communication and care to my most needy patients.”

Evaluating CCM & RPM [Free Assessment]

"Their Care Coordinators have gone above-and-beyond.”

Connie is an experienced Patient Care Supervisor and trained RN. She says her experience with VHL Care Coordinators has added value and extended quality care beyond her clinic walls.

"Their Care Coordinators have gone above-and-beyond to assist our patients in maintaining their highest quality of life at home."

The VHL Difference: Dedicated, Clinical Care

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